Sunday, April 12, 2009

a photo tour of boston

get ready folks. put on your seat belts and get ready for a ride through the great city of Boston.

this is the very last picture i took in Boston. It was the morning we left. I was NOT ready to get out of bed. I was fully dressed, fully packed, put in my contacts, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and then got back into bed until it was time to leave.

ok, day 1

Boston Common...

Shay and her new friend. This playground was adorable

pretty building along BC

one of those pictures we take in which we are the only ones who know where we are and what is going on.

the freedom trail... it was either bricks or red paint the whole way.

inside King's Chapel, the church that Louisa May Alcott went to... other historic people went there as well, but i was just focused on my girl Louisa. 


Old North Church, where the 2 lanterns were hung per Paul Revere's Midnight ride. As you can see, Shay and I rebelliously sat in the back and took pictures. 

inside Mike' Pastry... the most glorious place on the face of the earth

after UNC won their Final Four game... we were celebrating while waiting for our train. 

our view of Boston from Top of the Hub

outside the Christian Science compound thing... the wind was CRA-ZAY... God's way of telling us to get out of there


a pretty church where i dozed on the steps

 in the public garden... he was playing the accordion. It was awesome. I felt very french. minus the boston accents. and the fact we were in boston.

Remember that book "Make Way for Ducklings"? This is the island it was written about. There was also a statue of the ducks, and while we were there, one of them was stolen. It MIGHT be in my yard now. No... it isn't. maybe.

our hair was crazy-awesome-wild

HAVAHD!!!! I loved it there. 

this is John Harvard. But not really.
They had no idea what John Harvard looked like, so they had another guy pose. Normally the honor given to people was to name a building after them. It would have been student housing. Normally they are named things like "Wadsworth House"... things like that.
Well, this man was instead allowed to pose as John Harvard. His name was Sherman Hoar. Clearly, they could not have named one of the buildings after him...

(PS- they say students touch his foot for good luck... don't do it.)

2 smaht ladies. don't pahk ya cah in havahd yahd

watching Carolina WIN

celebrating in the streets of Cambridge! (alone... no one else was out... at all. We didn't care)

this. was. awesome.

waiting for the tour to start. we found a cute cafe and played UNO. I ruled.

the brewery 

our sample glass (which i got to keep)

shay made another friend... this neighborhood where the brewery was had interesting decor

me with my sample glass and a few souvenirs 

Long's Warf (and my boat)

the best lunch we had... all under $3

SOOOOO tasty

Jamaica Plain... as shaynah said "what NoDa wants to be when it grows up"

outside the MFA... a random lady said "Oh! It'sa baybee heaaad"

let me geek out for a moment
when i look at art, i get inches away from the picture, then back away, then step up again sometimes... i repeated that about 3 times with this one. I just wants to see the brush strokes on her dress. Normally security asks me to step back. But no one did that here.

she is so cute

my FAVORITE room. It took me a looong time to make my way around. My nose accidentally touched a few of them. Oops.

Van Gogh (can't lie... my eyes got teary when i saw these in person. I am my mother's daughter)

Degas (NOT of dancers... this is my favorite of his)

one happy girl after an afternoon of art (please ignore the naked lady behind me.)

ok, so Shaynah and i LOVE the move The Departed. We heard that this place was used to film some scenes. And that it was one of the few pubs in world that serves Sam Adams Boston Brick Red (only served in a few old bars in Boston. No where else). So we had to come here. And let me tell you, it was quite an adventure getting here. (our story includes going the wrong way on a scary street, thinking a man was going to attack us, and taking a cab for all of 3 blocks)

but TOTALLY worth it (NOT miller lite. Ew.)

me listening to "Comfortably Numb" form the Departed soundtrack, while sitting in the place where the movie was filmed. EEK. We thought about touching every table hoping it was the one that Jack Nicholson and Leo Dicaprio sat at.

Fenway park!!! We didn't go in, sadly

back to the public garden

dozing (this was before she did her personal photo shoot, taking like 12 pics. She thought i was asleep. I very much was not. and I laughed.)

and dozing

best. pizza. ever. If you go to Boston, go to Regina's. The love of my life works there. I don't know his name, or anything about him... but i love him.

cannoli choc-chip booger!
our view the last day, eating our cannolis while still full of pizza.
reason #289 why i am still single.
i want them. that is all i have to say about this picture.
sad about leaving boston. :(


Anne said...

Some Thoughts:

1: The ducklings island is wonderous, no wonder ducks wanted to have their family there. It's perfect

2: Shaynah's second new friend and the baby head are completely terrifying.

3: In the picture of your celebrations over the 'Heels victory it looks like shaynah is wearing ankle sweats and a nun's habit combined. Much laughter

4: In your sad to leave Boston picture you are actually laughing I perceive:)

Those are my thoughts

Chavia said...

looks like ya'll had a blast! I really like the windy pictures at the Christian science place that made me laugh :) and what in the world, that baby head in the grass is so random...

Kelley Murphy said...

dahling, can i just ask... how many pairs of sunglasses do you own?