Wednesday, April 22, 2009


today: a report by Kendra Leigh Sands.

Today I got up much later than i was supposed to. I got dressed in an outfit that i thought made me look like a bumble bee, though i got some compliments on it. On the drive to work i listened to worship music and sang and worshipped super loud. It was glorious Then I worked. We had Hello Kitty cupcakes. We were celebrating Admin day, and they were for the best Admin of all, Emily. They all had a plastic Hello Kitty ring. It was clearly made for the fingers of a 3 year old, but i wore it anyway. It cut off circulation in my finger. But it was worth it. Then everyone got super hyper at the same time. Then I realized i had hot pink icing on my shirt. Then it was lunch time and my friend Jessica ate with me. She had pasta and i had hummus and carrots and yummy Trader Joe's flax seed veggie chips. Then I got my ipod and listening to a bunch of classic-americana-rock. Skynyrd, Croche, Dylan, CCR, Petty... so on and so on. And it was awesome.
Then I got a free cup of coffee from the cafe.
Then I came home.
Then I remembered that I wanted to show you all this scene from Rachel Getting Married. This is Tunde Somethinsomethin who is the lead singer for a band called TV on the Radio. His character is singing Neil Young to his wife on their wedding day as his vows. And it is incredible

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