Tuesday, April 7, 2009

university of national champs

yesterday was amazing.
We started our morning off by going to Harvard. The campus is gorgeous, and just being there i swear my IQ jumped up many points.We took a tour of the campus, which i recommend to anyone who comes to Harvard. The only bummer is that the girl needs to work on her voice projection. we couldn't hear half of what she said.You get Harvard fever while there. I wanted to go into every building, buy every shirt, and every book.We went to an awesome hamburger place right next to campus which was PACKED. All the burgers are named after people. The Tom Brady's description was "ladies, make a pass at this one"... (that is what Shaynah got.) I decided to go bi-partisan and order the Barack Obama with the George W side (sweet potato fries). SO GOOD!
I was mistaken as a student, which made me quite happy. Shaynah was too.
We went back to the room and napped for a while, then went to a pub to watch the game. It is the same pub the alumni assoc had used on Saturday. It is a really cute place, but we arrived to find only 6 other Carolina fans and 2 state fans. Poor guys. Shaynah and i were going nuts. the last 5 minutes of the game i was pacing back and forth.
The walk back to the T was quite fun... us singing "Carolina on my mind" as loud as we could, jumping in puddles, screaming every few minutes...we have watched every cycle of sports center between then and now.
We are getting ready to go to the Sam Adams brewery for a tour. It should be pretty cool!
Don't worry mom, we will behave!!!!!

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