Saturday, April 4, 2009

wicked awesome

Fact: I love boston.
look at Shay's page for an awesome story about our arrival into this lovely city.
Today was fantastic. after a loooong sleep, we tookthe short walk to the subway. After about 30 minutes of walking around Boston Commons, i realized that the wind had MAJORLY picked up, so I bought a $23 Harvard hoodie. Ahhh yes. I plan on wearing it to campus on Monday and walk around announcing to everyone that i am late for class. "what class?" um... Law... 101.
we walked the freedom trail today and discoverd a lot. First of all, Boston men are very sweet. Second, Boston women are NOTWe went to an old church that John Hancock was burried at. I found out Louisa May Alcott went there as well, which made me love it much more. 
We went to Paul Revere's house, Old North church (which was one of the chruches where the pew's are like little rooms), ate some clam chowder, went to the Hay Market, which is AWESOME. Vendors selling super fresh produce on the street for SUPER cheap. I got 4 apples for $1. (sidenote: shay and i both LOVE cilantro. a lot. They had bunches of them for $1.50. So i bought some. And we munched on it as we walked through the city)We found an amazing pastry place called Mike's. One of those places where you wait forever, but it is totally worth it. I had one of the best cappacino's i have ever had. and THE best cannoli i have ever had. Hands down. It was in little Italy, which we just stumbled upon.
OH MY GOSH... story of the day. Shaynah and i saved a small child's life. It is true
It started with us laughing at the statue of Paul Revere. Shaynah stood behind it and i took a picture of her holding her nose as if the horse's butt stank. Which i am sure it did. We then noticed a poor child wearing a fanny pack. *tsk tsk tsk* she was probably no older than 4. Her family crossed the street as she was looking at some dogs. She started following the dogs, so Shaynah said "honey, i think your family is over there" the little girl looked up and then bolted across the street. Shay and i reached out and grabbed her, while i was yelling "STOP STOP" and trying to stop a car that was coming. It stopped JUST in front of her, and the mom turned around and screamed, ran, picked up the little girl and ran back. We just kinda stood there, then followed them. She didn't even thank us. Even though Shaynah said "'re welcome." But, the priest at the catholic church smiled and nodded at me. He mouthed "thank you". so that was cool.
Moral of the story: don't let your kids wear fanny packs.

more later.


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