Saturday, May 9, 2009


so... i haven't talked about American Idol much this season
That is because this is the first time i have loved almost EVERYONE!
though my very most best favorite got kicked off a couple of weeks ago.

this is him
he is matt.

So now we are down to the top 3... as of this morning my faves were in this order

Kris Allen... i adore him. he is sweet and leads worship at his church and is super talented...

next, Danny Gokey. He is also a Christian and an awesome guy. Musically though, i prefer Kris

Lastly, Adam Lambert. He is obscenely talented and super creeptastic. There are moments I am horrified at him, and moments where I am blown away. So I didn't want him to win. at all.

... until i learned this: he graduated from Mt Carmel High School.

fact about me
when i was a little girl, there were 2 things i wanted in life. 2 things i dreamed about
1) to work at Sea World
2) to graduate from Mt Carmel, which is where my mom, 2 uncles, 2 aunts and 2 cousins graduated. I went to football games, track meets, homecoming, and  graduations there. I knew that school like the back of my hand. I would play in the stands, run on the track with my mom, watched water polo games... everything.  I loved that school. Red and gold baby.

clearly, i did not go to school there. But Adam did. Therefore, he moved up a notch in my book.

that is all.

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Elissa said...

hey kendra, remember when we used to watch american idol together? yeah i remember that too.