Wednesday, May 27, 2009


next was awesome
i can't wait till next next. (that one STILL cracks me up.)

the messages were outstanding! Go get em! They are free on the website (

i got to see all my friends, enter into amazing worship and fall in love with my savior even more. 

thanks for everyone's prayers! i did not take a single picture, but shay did. 3 of them. So, those are coming.

on a separate note, i have to share this conversation i just had with Tyler via text...
his birthday is on friday, so i had called to see if he wanted to hang out with some people to celebrate this was the reply

"hope i am not waking you. thanks for the invite but i am in a wedding this weekend... big surprise right. the rehearsal is on friday night

i replied
"but its your birthday! Can we all celebrate another time?"

his reply
"i personally celebrate every day ;) oh yeah and i am having a party 10 am on Sunday. Band and everything. 6400 Prosperity Church Rd."

that is why he is my friend.

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