Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what is happening here

so... thats me.
there are 4 important things in this picture you need to see. Well, 5

1) i am holding the keys to my new (to me) car. a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. Dang straight. It is Dodger blue. Not to mistaken with Duke blue. 2 very different colors. One brings joy, one brings shame. We are the joyful one.
2) those sunglasses on my head. In the past 48 hours they have been in the possession 3 different people. They only just made their way home. Shaynah got them for me last year on my b-day and i haven't seen them in awhile. So i am happy.
3) i am on the phone (i really was when i took this. With Mindy). about a week and a half ago i was asked to plan the youth banquet. Not just decorations or food or volunteers. All of it. All. Of. It. So my life is now being on my phone with everyone trying to get this thing together.
4) as a result of that and the past 2 crazy days, my hair has been sticking up on the sides like that. I wore it to work like that
5) my nose is starting to get tan. That means summer is here. The pool is  almost ready... YESSSS

Psalm 19. All of it. read it again.


Anne said...

I loooovvve you!

shayrayUNC said...

im partly to blame for you not getting your glasses back....they've been in my room for a while. and my pool is already open!