Tuesday, July 21, 2009

today i went for a jog/walk. It started raining a bit. And then a bit more. Thankfully, i was almost done and close to home, and to be quite honest, the rain felt amazing.
so... again, almost home. I decide to book it the rest of the way and broke into a hardcore run. I see a car coming and it slowed down and the guy rolled down his window 
"Do you know where Kent Village Rd is?"
me: Yup *jogging in place*  2nd left past the pool
dude: ok... so um... are you married
me: ummm... *still jogging in place with rain and sweat on my face and hair* nope. Bye *start to run off*
dude: *yelling* can you remember a phone number?
me: NOPE *running off*
dude: *yelling* wait... hold up, i am going to pull over *though he was going in the OPPOSITE direction
i kept on running down the road
he had to pull over because another car was coming. I was sure that he would get the hint. Especially because i had made it pretty far down the road during this entire process.
then i noticed dude pulled up beside me, driving in reverse, holding out a piece of paper with his number.
I mean... wow. 
so that is the secret ladies. no more make up, cute outfits, working on our hair. Just got for a run in the rain. That is all it takes.

PS- Jesse's number is staying on the fridge. because me and the roomies find it HILARIOUS


Kat said...


Anonymous said...

love it! Best story ever!

p.s. I miss you.

Anne said...

You're just too HOTT

shayrayUNC said...

ok since no one else will ask the obvious. was he cute?

kendra said...

not at all.

shayrayUNC said...

Bummer. Cuz if he was cute... He'd be much less creepy :)

The Blackburn Crew said...

umm so I guess you are Jesses Girl...I totally just heard that song on the radio...and now everytime I hear it I wil think of you

The Honea Pad said...

You are adorable... I love you. KerSands gots Game!