Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what is wrong with you people!?!?

honestly? one of the best moments of my life and... silence?

let me paint the picture for you. Maybe that will help.
It was my b-day eve. I came out into the coffee shop in our building for my lunch break. 
All of a sudden, here come my friends Blake and Ashley around the corner.
In Blake' s hand i notice a ribbon...
which is connected to
who, by the way, was about 30 times bigger than i expected.
words cannot express my joy

so, i received an email that a photoshoot was to be had (it was Blake's for real b-day, and i got him Walter the Trex...)

real reaction. True joy.
true love
still too excited to pose for the real picture. 
trying not to laugh and giggle with the delight that glorymagicface was mine
fake serious. the joy was bursting.

there. now lets try again


Madeira girl said...

I would comment, but you still haven't added me to your role. :P

Anne said...

How is my dear GMF? I miss her so...

Bethany said...

I am super excited for you... and very happy that I got to meet glorymagicface in person!!

Bethany said...

forgot to mention that the pictures are awesome.

oh, and there is this great singer that I think you would love....haha, I still laugh about that. love ya :)