Saturday, October 31, 2009

oh, why hello there.
fancy seeing you here!
i have done a whole lot of nuthin these past few weeks.
so i can either make up some crazy stories to make you think i am living an amazing glamours life... or i can tell you the truth and you can politely withold your yawns.
I went to a Panther game... WE WON!
then Larissa came to town. I took her to Toast, Amelies (if you haven't been yet, you must go!) and let her beat me at scrabble
I saw Where the Wild Things Are on opening weekend and loved it. And cried.
I went to MD for Chelsea Kauflins wedding. SO AWESOME! well, she is Chelsea Campbell now...
go to megan's blog for pictures...
i saw old friends while up there, so that was fun
and today is halloween. I was thinking about going to a party tonight dressed as Punky Brewster, but instead i think i am going to lay low. and the competition there is pretty fierce. 
PS- yesterday at work there was a bucket that looked like it was fully of candy. And a sign that said "help yourself". Sadly, i discovered that it was full of tums samples.
it was documented.

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