Sunday, October 4, 2009

remember me?

here i am, sitting on my living room floor, my computer on the hearth (not sure why it has been here for the past week... but i works for me) realizing we haven't had a real update. So i am updating.
First off, this is what i look like right now.

i took this seconds ago.  This is the face of a woman who flew to Newark, drove an hour to her step-bro's rehearsal dinner, went to his wedding the next afternoon, rode 2 hours to the other side of new jersey in the middle of the night, got up and ran Jersey-errands, went with her dad and step-mom to have the dog "blessed" at church, then flew home from Philly this evening, realized that she was a hot mess (in every way) sat on the porch at 9:30 smoking a cigar chatting with the roomie, came in to check her email and re-discovered Bi-ceraritiops.
So i felt it should be documented.
But yes, my step brother mike got married. I have a sister in law, and i adore her. i don't know when i will see them next, but it was great being at their wedding.

things that have happened over the past month
1) my b-day!!! The girls and i went on our yearly trip to Charleston. They took me to an AMAZING restaurant for b-day dinner. I got shrimp/crawfish etoufee, and this dude was chillin on it. I named him Edgar, put him in a ziplock and brought him home. then threw him away.

2) went on another beach trip for an overnight
3) had my b-day party, which was awesome! corn hole and movie night!!
4) had 2 more cookouts
5) took full advantage of our porch for evenings outside
6) welcomed Grace church back, which was one of the happiest Sunday's ever
7) had my heart broken by the Panthers. 3 times actually.
8) i have fallen in love with Romans 5, especially 3-5. it is such a sweet reminder of how the Lord works all things for our  good!
9) this song has been on repeat... in my head...

and this one

so that is all
Go Dodgers!

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van said...

sounds like you had an amazing birthday!