Monday, January 25, 2010


um. ok.
so this episode of Lost was just on as a re-run. When we meet Claire's mom.
I found myself cracking up re-watching it. The first time i saw it, it was super intense.
This time, I was losing it.
Here is the clip

here is what i wish had happened

Claire's mom: ... her name was Cleeeeeeeahhr.
Jack: What?
C's mom: Chhhleeeeeeeeeeeer
Jack: Sorry, i am having trouble understanding you. What was her name?
C's mom: Cahhhlllllleeeeeeeeeeer!
Jack: Clear?
C's mom: No. Qqqlllllaaaabbbbhhhrrr.
Jack: Quwear?
C's mom: NO. Why can't you understand me. CCCCOAIKKJPOFGIOEHRRRRRRRR.
Jack: Maybe if you tried enunciating a little better.
C's mom: Listen butt face. I am crying. And Australian. Throw me a bone
Jack: Ok... one more time...
C's mom: Cleeeeeeeeeeeeehere
Jack: Yeah. I got nothing. Sorry.
C's mom: CLEEERRREE....CLEAR....C-L-A-I-R-E....
Jack: OOOH oh oh... so sorry. CLAIRE. Yeah. We pronounce that Cuh-La-Air. Cllllaire. Yeah. wow. I had no clue what you were saying. Well... cool. Nice talking to you. Me and Kate gotta go with Cla... um... this baby here that is of no relation to you what-so-ever. At all. K... bye.

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