Tuesday, April 27, 2010


and back
the exciting thing...
my friend Jessica and looking into/dreaming/researching/praying about making a youth organization/facility for at risk kids. right now we are researching grants. but the basic idea would be Big Brothers and Sisters, but more hands on, with an actual place they can go to. So pray for wisdom, discernment and all that jazz... more details as they come...

ok, other things going on in

so every wednesday we have Chapel at work. Yes, like a private christian school...
sometimes a couple of the guys nod off...

then... Liz's wedding!

Have I told you that I met Jason Castro? I totally did. This is me pointing at him.

Butner and Chris moved to CA. But this is them as unicorns.

(you might recognize Chris if you have seen the Ashley furniture commercials or the Lotto commercial with Rick Flair. Yup...i make sure that my friends are important and famous

late night cookout run!

me and Shay at the Crepe Cellar splitting the banana nutella crepe. Dude.

Kate's first donut


a boy fridge

Ashley's surprise party!

the girls were being sneeeaky

Brenna made this for me. I adore it.

David laid a goose egg.

Ashley's real b-day

Shay's bachlorette!!

Wedding set-up week

the girls and i started sponsoring a little boy named Shadrack. We love him so much

more wedding set up


Shaynah is maaarrrrriiiiieeeeeed

Kate is straight chillin'

first wedding picture i saw...

So Ashley and I were talking about Monday nights (our bible study...) and our co-worker Blake decided we were talking about "Ladies Night"... and went on a whole explanation of what that night looks like. It involved shirtless firefighters. That night I was sent this picture via text from Blake...

Ikea date with roomies. We were looking at this lamp online and planned on buying it. We didn't realize how large it was.

our new friend Ian in my glasses the day we introduced him to Cookout

later that day we introduced him and the Jerrell's to Penguin.

cutest ever

work lunch friends... eric

and neighbor erin

then this was tonight... grilling in the rain in my dress, barefoot. it's just how i do

i promise i will do better. i promise.

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