Sunday, June 13, 2010

do you watch friday night lights? no? of course not. most people don't.

here is the thing. you need to. really. you need to. it is the most incredible show. you will fall in love with the characters. coach and mrs. taylor? best couple in the world.

eric taylor is the most amazing football coach. really.
matt saracen? you will love him so much. he takes care of his sweet grandma.
i laugh/cry almost every episode. it's hilarious, amazing, sweet with awesome football. really great football. and when you watch it, you will either love/hate tim riggins. stick with him. this season, he is one of my all time favorite people.

look, i own season 1 and 2. you can borrow it. i will let you.


Hilary Ann said...

I confess, I watch it, too. I want to be Tami Taylor.

kendra said...

She is my hero. Are you watching this season

Hilary Ann said...

yes, I already saw most of it from when it aired on Direct TV (another confession is that I bootleg tv shows on the internet) but I'll probably them again on nbc.

kendra said...

I thought is a totally new season? Season 4? I wept in the episode when matts dad died. Openly ugly cried. Snot face and all

Anne said...

I still have your season 1. I need to give it back to you.