Tuesday, July 20, 2010

end of an era

98% of you know me personally
87% of you have been to my house at some point
of that 87%, 56.4% of you know that I am moving out of that house.
and of that 56.4%, 92% of you have expressed some saddness.

I am moving. I am SO SO SO excited about it. I am moving to south charlotte, right across the street from southpark mall. I will be MUCH closer to work, and a lot closer to Shaynah & Michael and Michelle. I am moving in with my friend Ashley, who i work with. That means carpools! and that mean carpool MIX TAPES!!! and that means Glee SING ALONGS IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!
but, there are a lot of amazing memories from the house that I am going to miss.

I moved into the alden glen house with Dena 5 years ago. I vividly remember that first morning in the house. It was a sunday, and we came into the very empty kitchen. The sun was streaming in the huge window, and we just squealed a little.
Since that morning, many wonderful things have happened in that house. Dena got engaged in our living room. Emily and Daniel fell in love. I got the phone calls about many friends announcing they were pregnant. I taught Alathea to say "kenni" at my kitchen table. Shaynah and I became best friends sitting and laughing like idiots in my living room, kitchen... everywhere. I picked out and decorated my friend christmas tree as a grown up. Many many dance parties. DFL was born in that living room. It is the official home for our wonderful bible study. Lots of amazing times of worship, get togethers, time with the Lord and fellowship with eachother. Lots of friendships were built in this house. Lots of couples too.

Anyway, I am very excited about this next chapter. But there always is a sense of sadness. It will be hard being away from the north side of town. To be so far away from Crossway. It has been so nice to only have to drive 3 minutes to church. The new commute will be a lot longer. But i am excited about being able to serve south charlotte, invite some people from that side of town to church! Maybe we can talk the pastors into a South Charlotte CG... :)
Anyway, if you have had any wonderful, happy, funny memories in that house, share them with me!

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The Nilsen Nest said...

You poured out some serious encouragement on this girl and challenged me to seek the Lord with all my heart which I am so thankful for. That was a sweet time with you in the house. That house has served us both well! And I will never forget that Christmas. I love you!