Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not me

Most girls have a dresser of some sort in their room
Usually there is a mirror on it
that way they can do their makeup, fix their hair, check their outfit.
Not me
This is the first thing I see when I wake up. Greets me in the morning

We are officially moved out of 9925 alden glen as of 4:45 today.

I handed in the key and drove away for the last time. 5 years in that house. I did get a little sad. Earlier this morning I passed Jeanie driving through the neighborhood. I thought "that is never happening again!!" and when I got in the car to leave after the walk through a country song called "the house that built me" was playing.

But I am excited! I'm getting settled in the new place, my clothes fit in the closet,(praise Jesus!) I introduced Ashely to Friday Night Lights. Its already a big hit. And, I found my closest Starbucks, and they are much friendlier than the one at the Arbors

More house pics coming soon
Oh! Shay sent me this pic from Chicago. Made my day

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