Monday, July 26, 2010

Shock and awe and tears

I had a meltdown. I had a "I want my mommy" meltdown. "why?" you ask. Because Saturday I made what I felt was a good deal of progress in packing. I moved some boxes, patted myself on the back and headed home. Then I found out that not only did I need to paint the accent walls in the kitchen but the entire thing, the entire living room and dining room/ sitting room (I knew that room was a possibility). And the roomies had to paint their rooms and bathroom (we already knew that)
So then I did what any 28 year old independent woman would do. I called my mommy and wept. If you don't know her, she is the best. She reminded me that the Lord is faithful, that He knows what I can and can't handle, and to rest in Him. She also reminded me that half of the stress is thinking about what has to be done, and that the best part is it won't last forever. There is an end date. And it is soon. After the phone call I felt tons better.
But it gets better. And that is where my friends come in.

Krystal came over. We started packing the kitchen. Then my hero showed up. That's right. Step-dad hero! He brougt a trailer, packed up all my furniture except my bed and drove it to the new place. Also helped me with some random fix it's here and there. And never once did he complain about the record breaking heat. Yup. And for favor repayment? "just come home for dinner soon. Mom and I miss you." yeah.
It still gets better

I left for work aware that I was one blessed girl.
I knew that 2 beloved friends were going to come and "start helping" with the painting while I was at work. Krystal had offered this during the breakdown on Saturday and Jessica had made the offer weeks ago, before we knew what all would be involved. So I expected to find some primer up, edges taped and paint cut in. That alone had brought tears of gratitude.
I got home today and found the following

And now for the kicker... After all that work...

I have the most amazing, loving, selfless friends in the world. Krystal and Jess, I can never thank you enough

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Bethany said...

awwww.... that is awesome!!! God is so kind and is faithful to show his kindness through family and friends. I am excited for you :) PS: Do your friends re-finish furniture? Do they want to visit Durham? Just curious ;)