Thursday, August 12, 2010

"do a show"

so i babysit the Lechner girls every other Wednesday (except for the summer.) i have done this for over 4 years. I guess 4 1/2. And they never cease to do something that surprises me. We don't really have a set routine. The only 2 constants are that when American Idol is on, we watch "the singing show". And we call Shay-shay to leave a voicemail. that is all. Everything else is up in the air.

anyway, now that alathea is 4 1/2 and abi is 2 1/2, they are getting more creative, playful and crazy.

Last night we had a dance party. Not just any dance party. I am insisting on introducing them to good music. So we danced to Vampire Weekend. "Cousins" and "Horchata" were big hits.
After that Alathea showed me some ballet. Abi was still hearing "Cousins" in her head, so she had some more bootie-shakin' going on.
But then i had an idea. I pulled up youtube and showed them a clip from Swan Lake. Their eyes were huge. They stood completely still for about 6 minutes watching. As soon as it was done, Alathea yelled "I WANT TO SEE MORE!!"
So i pulled up a clip from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. Again, not even blinking. This clip was a good 12 minutes long. Abi just stood with her head resting against my leg watching. I have never seen her that still for that long.
It ended. Another was demanded (i had created a monster) so we watched the fairy dancing scene from Sleeping Beauty's ballet.
The moment it was done, Alathea asked if we could go outside. She immediately (and in great detail) recreated the scene we had just watched. I had to sit on the deck and was "the mommy" holding "baby sleeping beauty" and she was the yellow, green and pink fairy. Abi was supposed to be all the other ones. She danced for about 10 minutes. It was the most adorable thing.
So that was my Wednesday night. $10 says it was much awesome-er than yours.

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