Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i have a ton of blogs that i follow. They help me get through boring days. Or not boring days. They help me get through days.

I have begun to feel very attached to these people. It is a bit absurd. If other friends follow any of them, we will get into love conversations about them. ("Did you see that Elsie dyed her hair?" "Yeah... i love it. I think it looks great. How about James' new shoes?")I enter all their contests, comment on things, follow them on twitter, attempt to talk to them on twitter. Some reply. Some ignore the crazy little girl that uses too many exclamation points.

here are the blogs, brief descriptions and reasons i follow them. You should too. They are in no order. though i could put them in "awesomeness order". but it would be a tie.

abeautifulmess.typepad.com - this is Elsie. Elsie has her own company, Red Velvet Art. She has a store filled with handmade and vintage items (think of an actual Etsy store you can walk into) and her sister Emma (redvelvetgirls.typepad.com/emma) has a sweet shoppe in the store where she sells cupcakes. Elsie is adorable and amazingly creative. She recently got engaged and is in the process of wedding planning. So she and Emma started another blog for that. It is also crazy awesome (www.leweddingparty.com/) I want to go to her store one day. I really do. Also, Emma is a sweet heart and sent me her recipe for caramel salted cupcakes. She didn't post that one on the blog, so i felt very special. Especially after getting an email from her. And she called me a doll. So we are pretty much besties.

racheldenbow.blogspot.com - Smile and Wave is Rachel's blog. Rachel is one of Elsie's best friends. She might be my favorite blogger. She seems a little more... real. She is a mom of 2 small and ADORABLE kids, she loves thrifting, and is also incredibly creative. She makes tee-pees. Yes. Tee-pees. I want one so bad. She also has the most incredible hair. I love her style, her little home, and her love for her family. She has great decorating tips and ideas. You will fall in love with her

muchomuchobuenobueno.blogspot.com/- the bueno sisters are so fun! Brandi does amazing videos on "how to"s with hair. She has her own salon. She and her sister kelly also have fun DIY projects. and they are hilarious. Brandi is hyper, like me. She makes me laugh. a LOT

taza-and-husband.blogspot.com - Naomi is darling. She is married and living in DC. She pretty much has my dream life. Super cute dog, pregnant, and she has amazing hair. AND i found out we have a mutual friend, who made the short film on her blog called "Postcards from Italy" (my friend's the Gallo's did it). She makes and sells adorable headbands and she LOVES hamburgers. Just like meeeee! She does AWESOME giveaways. I enter every time. Never won yet. One day... one day.

bleubirdvintage.typepad.com - James is so cool. First of all, her first name is James. Amazing. Second, she has an incredible record collection. I drooled over those pictures. She has a cute little family of 3 kids with awesome names (Milla Plum... so cute) including a brand new baby Gemma. She is engaged and has an adorable house in TX. I love her vintage style. Every week she posts a "what we wore" and names where each outfit item was bought. Brilliant. She also has CRAZY good giveaways. I check every day for a new one. Next to Naomi, she lives my dream life.

pureandnoble.blogspot.com - I am new to Brooke's blog, but i adore her already. She is in love with the Lord and her husband and her kids. In that order. She is really creative and funny. Her confessions post had me cracking up. My favorite thing that she does is take 2 super cute crafty ideas, and combines them. I love that. I will often look and say "i like this... but i also like this... WHICH ONE???" Brooke says "both" (look at her Christmas wreath)

designspongeonline.com - doy. right? honestly, Grace is my hero. This blog is perfection. I could just stare at it for hours upon hours. upon hours. My favorite is the DIY, Before and Afters and the "Living In" (go to categories... it is right there). "Living In" is where they take an amazing movie, and make it into a design. The one for Amelie is breath taking.

thepioneerwoman.com - if you know anything about me, you know i am already obsessed with Ree. Majorly. She has the all time best giveaways. Every week it is a new camera, or kitchenaid mixer, or something. Her blog is under 6 categories. I click on each one every morning to see if there is a new contest. She is hilarious and real and amazing and perfect. And her recipes are insane. BEST PART: every few months she cleans out her closet. She will give away clothing. Sometimes never worn. Always designer. Yeah. Crazy. If you have any free time, read her love story. Start at the beginning. I stayed up to 2am reading it one night. So good. And her stories about her brother are the most hilarious.

ok, there are a few guys i follow too.

stuffchristianslike.net - Meet Jon Acuff. He wrote an awesome book with the same title. Hilarious. I actually just "won" a phone call from him by pre-ordering his new book. He now works for Dave Ramsey in Nashville. True story: his cousin is one of my close friends at work. So when we had our phone convo, we just made fun of Josh. Another true story: his twitter is hilarious. if you have twitter, follow him. His first book is a great gift for anyone. Anyone in the world. i adore it

www.tylerstanton.com/ - I found Tyler through Jon's blog. Tyler is HILARIOUS. The highlight of my Friday is his Weekly Six. He makes me laugh often. And if you comment on his blog, he will reply. Also, his friend Tripp has an awesome blog, but he is a slacker and never updates. But you can read his back logs and laugh (trippcrosby.com/)

People I actually know:

foryouloveme.com - my friend Carissa and her husband Andrew have a great company. Their pictures are awesome. But i love her personal blog even more (www.andrewandcarissa.com/)

ohpioneer.com - Josh Abe! I love his blog. The pictures make me happy about life. Just happy.

http://www.russell-life.com/ - My love and respect for Megan has grown and grown. Not just as an old friend, but as an incredible woman and mother. And her pictures are lovely!

Ok. That's it. You have enough blogs to look at for hours and hours and waste lots of time. Enjoy!


elsie said...

awe. this is so very sweet!
& you should feel special to have emma's salted caramel recipe b.c it's ammmmazing.
Lovies. elsie

Tyler said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm honored.