Friday, December 3, 2010

my grown-up chrrristmasss lisssst

i sang that in my best Amy Grant voice.

i have made an extensive Amazon wish list for my dad. It makes life easier. But the thing that makes it more awesome-erness, is that Amazon now has a universal button that goes on your browser... any site you are on, if they sell anything you want, hit the button and... POW, on your wish list. My Amazon list now includes a kitchenaid mixer, gold Toms shoes, even a bike.

But here is the most wish-yest part of my list... pretty things that i love and want and love and dream about. At least, once i saw them i started to... but i am not really asking for them. Just gazing at their loveliness. Do you tend to ask for more practical gifts? I wish i could ask for more frivolous things. It just seems so... frivolous.

actually... instead of including pictures, i will just do this:

everything on this website. And this one. Oh, and this one.


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