Tuesday, December 14, 2010


samuel lawrence malament was born this morning
i think i want to call him "slim" since that is what his initials look like

here is how it went down at my end (since i know you would rather hear that than the birth story. gross)

4 am *ring ring* (except my phone doesn't make that noise. So i actually heard this)

i see that it is Liz. i know what this means. i try to answer the phone sounding as awake and alert as possible... though i don't know why. It's not like she isn't aware that i am sleeing at 4am.

"Hi Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"hey... anne is on the way to the hospital!"

"awesome! thanks!"

i rolled over and went back to sleep. about 23 seconds later (45 minutes) i hear Edward Sharpe serenading me again. it's Liz. i try to sound alert AGAIN.


"soo.... he's here!"

"what? already?"

aparently Anne is super human and after only 20 minutes at the hospital Sam entered the world. hot dang.

2 minutes after hanging up i got this picture

there is more of a story behind this cute little pooper, and i will tell it tomorrow. he and i are going to have quite a story to tell people. right now, he could ask me for a rocketship and i would personally build it for him. i have never been so excited to meet a little person in my life. T-minus 3 hours till i am holding him!

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