Monday, January 3, 2011


I am seeing a lot of people do a "year in review" post.
i felt left out, so here is mine.
the trouble is... narrowing down pictures is not a specialty of mine. whoops. this is the whittled down version too.

lets start with just after midnight on 1/1/10.

it will start with me and Shay at a party at my house on Alden Glen.

Shay and Michael were engaged, we had the week off, life was grand.
we spent days off working on wedding crafts. Hurrah.

i also met my favorite American Idol contestant of all time, Jason Castro. i pointed to him to help you know who i was talking about.

Liz and Michael got married! Oh happy day!

which meant that my favorite Aussie came home for a bit! Yay Sarah!

Shay and I celebrated our favorite stinkers b-day! Yay Abi and Alathea!

and i helped throw a surprise party for my dear friend Ashley

on valentines day, Thomas and Adam took me to my 2 favorite places: Big Daddys and Amelies. Thomas saw something frightening.

i was one lucky girl that night.
Tom Shoes had their annual "Barefoot to work" day. You don't wear shoes to bring awareness of all the kids who don't have shoes. I was still dreaming of owning my own pair of Toms at that point. Sigh.

Ashley came to visit me and Erin on the north side of town. I took them to Toast and visited Davidson

and i had some really bad hair days. i had to show this one.

Last Hurrah dates this with this girl...

and Pairs Pictionary for lunch at work

it happened! She got murried!
chillin' at Mawmaw's... in her glasses. NBD (oh, i started saying "NBD in 2010... it means No Big Deal)

Shaynah got us Pioneer Woman's cookbook for bridesmaid gifts. I had already fallen in love with her blog. Kristie and mom and I went to go meet her. SO AWESOME! She was super sweet and funny and adorable.
I was happy to learn that she felt the same way about me as felt about her...

Happiest of happys... this happened!!! :)

pretty, lovely spring days with spring naps

and we made a new friend, Ian

and this happened.... :) (the picture looks weird. It looks fantastic in person. In my opinion.)

dates with this crazy cutie face

and i announced what i wanted for my b-day to Anne... a nephew. She pointed out how impossible it would be, since there was no way she could control that, but she would do her best.

May is always one of my favorite month's b/c i get to go to Next.
But first... my phone rang in May. It was Anne singing Happy Birthday. Since my b-day is in Sept, i was more than a little confused. Until i realized what she was telling me. She was pregnant. Now, she only had to make it a baby boy, and we would be set.
Next was awesome b/c i got to hang out with my sweet friend Jenny. We had a blast and i used her pregnancy to get us in the front of lines.

got to hang out with Matt. We both ate sandwiches. and we both like the Smith's and records.

and got to see Jeff, who makes me laugh a lot. and he laughs at me. it works well.

i helped plan the youth banquet again. I got the bright idea of making tons of origami. it took FOREVER... but i got so good, i could do it with my eyes closed.

I also found out that one of my favorite bands was coming to town... Passion Pit! Same night as the youth banquet. so i snuck out early adn we to the show with a bunch of friends. It was the happiest concert! we had a blast!

lots of Sunday's at Pops in the Park...

and little Ava Jean was born... i got to be at the house with Kristie the night they brought her home. It was quite sweet

my old roomie Hannah got married to J Reeves. This was sweet because i had a front row seat to the blossoming of their relationship. Lots of long talks with Hannah about Jonathan, seeing her affection grow, and then being there this happy day!

I got a records player. This was the first record i bought. Little did i know what i was getting into...

yoforia opened. My life would not be the same

Shaynah's annual 4th of July/ Birthday party was downsized. just her besties on a boat! It was so much fun!
then 4th of July cookout at her and Michael's and fireworks uptown.
B-day girl!
World Cup fever hit INSP

ch-ch-changes...i packed up and left the Alden Glen house. we had a good 5 year run... but it was on to new things


so i moved to South Charlotte and in with this cutie face... Ashley and i had become friends at work and we are having a blast living together, with our other roomie Dawn. and I love the south side. I am minutes from Shaynah and Michael, my work commute is a fraction of what it used to be... life is grand.

My other best friend got married. I was honored to be in Buffy's (Bethany) wedding in Raleigh

one of my favorite guys... Danny

me and my 3 best friends. I am overwhelmingly blessed to have these 3 in my life. Like whoa!
the greek festival is a big deal in charlotte. amazing food and... well, thats it.
photo bomb'd
she was super excited

when i moved in, Ashley decided to become a vegan for a while. Less than a month later, we went to Big Daddy's to celebrate the end of her veganism.

my annual b-day trip! Well, we go down to Charleston for more than my b-day. But still...
we LOVE folly beach. such a cute town

my AMAZING b-day cake

the aftermath

there was a BIG issue with the beach this year.
follow the link to Shaynah's blog to tell the story...

the girls working on dinner...

birthday beach day

back story: for a while, Adam called me "Angel face". one day, in a text, he misspelled angel and put "angle". So he started calling me Angle Face. He ordered me a gift for my b-day, and this is how it was addressed

Charleston, round 2: Ashley and Ian had never been, so we took a day trip.

carriage ride was the best idea ever
my friend Erin Fede needed to make a short film and asked if she could use our house. I also recruited some extra's that you might recognize
Ashley went to Europe and brought back these expensive, fancy french macaroons. they tasted like poop.

we had some parties in the fall. NBD

my "baby sister" Jeni got married! Such a sweet, happy day!

I. Saw. Bob. Dylan.
yeah, it was life changing. He is one of my all time favorites. and i saw him in the flesh, "singing" all of my favorites. (he more speak-sings. But still)

my friend Blake and I got tickets to see Vampire Weekend in Raleigh. Shaynah and Michael decided to go to the state fair, also in Raleigh. we decided to combine the 2 trips into one, amazing, magical day. the 4 of us made a commitment to try all the amazing fair food. SUCESS!
Blake and a friend Oreo

me and a fried snickers

I have no pics of the concert, but it was AMAZING! I fell in love with Beach House that day. (they opened. listen to them. you will fall in love)
Every year Blake and his friends throw an insane costume party. Shay, Michael and I decided to go as Jersey Shore. I was Snooki, she was J-Woww and Michael was Vinny. We were a hit!

me and the boys...


my sweet friend Bethany (another one) got married in MD. Fun weekend trip up there to see my pals

it was also Liz's b-day, so we made sure to celebrate her between receptions
my friend Matt took me to an incredible record store up MD. It was massive, and this was the first thing i found. :)
long overdue friend date to Zada Janes...

I started cross stitching. i made a bunch of christmas gifts... this one was for Kristie

and this was for Shaynah (side note: i began to read Harry Potter late in the summer. i finished all 7 books in 4 weeks. I wanted to be ready to see the movie. it was amazing)


Ashley and I made this one for Blake. He loves Tom Selleck and looks a lot like him. It seemed quite fitting. I have never seen him speechless before. we were quite proud.

i found this hat and fell in love. It now belongs to me.

Remember when i talked about Anne and my b-day present? Well, in August she found out she was having a boy. Which means, on December 14th, i got my belated b-day presesnt... my lil' Sam.

more records. since June, i have bought/received 52 records. Some mint, some used, all wonderful. I am quite proud of my collection and can't wait to see it grow more and more.

Shaynah, Kristie and I decided to have our best friend Christmas at Amelies. Kristie and i had pow-wowed about Shay's gifts. She wanted to get her Pioneer Woman's cookbook, since we both had it already, and i was planning on pre-ordering her the new PW book. KR was jealous about that. She wanted it too. What she didn't know, is i was getting her the book as well. What i didn't know, was that Shaynah ALSO was getting me the book. It was a very Pioneer Woman Christmas for us.

I GOT MY TOMS! They came in on Christmas eve! Not only are they suepr cute, super comfy, but a child somewhere in the world now also has a pair of shoes! WOO HOO


Charlotte had it's first white Christmas in like 10,000 years. Or 60-something years. Lots of years.

my pretty city

my favorite NYE tradition: all you can eat sushi lunch with Shaynah, Jared and company. 3rd year in a row.

NYE we decided to do something a little different... a wine tasting! SO MUCH FUN

cigars after midnight

and we will end where we started... me and my best friend ringing in the new year.
so much changed this year. Some expected, some surprising...
my 2 best friends got married
my friendships with others grew and grew
new friends
the Lord gave me more grace than i could ever have imagined
i moved
and much more
here is to 2011. I have a happy feeling it will be the best year yet!


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