Thursday, January 20, 2011

awesome friendship fact

so Shay is my best fried. Du-doy.
Today i was remembering an interview i had to tag along on, interviewing 2 elderly christian women with amazing testimonies.
you can read about them here and here

Well, i always forget one amazing detail about the 2nd interview with the woman who escaped from Nazi's.
A while after hearing it i was telling Shaynah the story. She had mentioned before that for school she had met and heard the story of a woman who had escaped from the Nazi's. NBD. She teaches History... makes sense.
So i am telling her the story of Freida. When I get to the part about her hanging out in the house with her friend, and the soldiers coming, Shaynah's eyes got huge. "wait... did they hide in the dumb-waiter?" "uh, yeah". at this point, i am assuming i had already told her the story and she is doing mock enthusiasm.
"was she an opera singer or something?"
she got really excited. Apparently, the woman that Shaynah heard was the friend of Frieda that was with her that night! So she heard the whole story from the friend's point of view... even the surprise ending. They were best friends, and unbeknownst to us, we met them separately, heard their stories and... well... that's all.
But it was one of our awesome friendship facts. I just made that term up. But I might do a series of "awesome friendship facts" with different friends. I like that idea. I just changed the title of this blog to reflect that.

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Shaynah Jerrell said...

LOL i like the last line the best :)