Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh Monday. am i right?
ok, so 2 things

1) please check out this website
 the Gallo's are an amazing couple. i have known Carissa for a few years, and got to meet her husband Andrew somewhat recently. They have such a heart for the Lord, and others. I think you will really enjoy their story. Please consider giving to help them out. Adoptions are quite expensive. AND if you give $50 or more, you will get a print by Matt Wahl as a thank you. But even if you can't give, please pray for them. This is an awesome journey

2) i had a cold about a month ago. It was pretty bad. I could not breathe at all. So I bought some nasal spray that was AWESOME. I lil' spritz here and there, and i could breathe within seconds. PTL. Well, the other day i realized i was still using it. Because i still needed it. I would get congested and have to get a little spray. That seemed odd. So i read the back and said it had a warning to only use it for 3 days. Whoops. more like 3 weeks. So yesterday I went cold turkey. I. Cannot. Breathe. At. All. one nostril stays ok for most of the time. The other one, no dice. It is completly closed off. I didn't really sleep last night b/c they were both stuffed up. I am hoping my "rehab" is short. But it has been fun saying all of the cliche additction lines to people.

and a few pictures of my week
(we were "snowed in" Monday and Tuesday of last week. Thankfully, my french press kept me sane. I just drank coffee, watched movies, listened to Bob Dylan and... um... that is about it.)

the house after "storm of 2011". This was before the ice

my "office" on Monday and Tuesday. complete with records, coffee, snacks and nail polish

while looking through pics on my phone, i noticed that this week i took a lot of my feet. so here they are.

my evening attire. ugly slippers from my Snooki costume, my snuggie and leggings that you can't see

my feet at a movie. Shay and I went to see The Fighter. Amazing.

my feet at church. i sat in the back on the floor so my labored breathing and sniffling wouldn't cause others to gag.

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