Wednesday, January 12, 2011


heard of it?
be careful. it's addicting. and makes it hard to be content with staying home.
pretty much, if you have seen the movie The Holiday, it is the same concept. You rent a house from someone in another city. sometimes you are just renting a room, and they are home (awwwwkward)
sometimes they are out of town and you stay in the whole house.
Sometimes they juat own another house/flat that you can use.
and they have awesome deals

such as this... in Prague
that's right. $85 a night.

or this one in Croatia



aaaaaand this little number in florence...
and this happy little place in Dublin

and this place in Kenya. THEY HAVE A MONKEY
so, i want to travel. Today. Right now. Lets go. Who is in?


Terri said...

Thanks, Kendra. I know I'm now going to waste my afternoon here and planning my vaca in Hawaii this fall, instead of doing all the stuff I should be doing. But what a great lead!!

kendra said...

sorry. but not really