Monday, January 17, 2011


my friend megan posted this quote on her blog. She also had wise words with it.

waiting on God isn’t about the suspension of meaning and purpose.

it’s part of the meaning and purpose that God has brought into your life.

waiting on God isn’t to be viewed as an obstruction in the way of the plan.

waiting is an essential part of the plan.

for the child of God,

waiting isn’t simply about what the child will receive at the end of his wait.

no, waiting is much more purposeful, efficient, and practical.

waiting is fundamentally about what we will become as we wait.

God is using the wait to do in and through me exactly what He has promised.

through the wait He is changing me.

by means of the wait he is altering the fabric of my thoughts and desires.

through the wait He is causing me to see and experience new things

about Him and His kingdom.

and all of this sharpens me,

enabling me to be a more useful tool in his redemptive hands.”

_paul david tripp

megan went on to say:
i’ve been thinking about this topic of waiting alot recently.

a dear friend sent me this quote and it summarizes so well what’s being revealed.

waiting is not wasted or lost time.

it is an integral part of His purposes in the grand scheme of my life.

i can choose to embrace it. press into Him.

“see and experience new things about Him + His kingdom”.

or i can chafe against it. grow impatient. lament.

what is “waiting” for you?

unanswered prayers. unchanging circumstances. indefinite uncertainty.

or maybe life just isn’t the way you thought it would be at this stage in the game.

and you are sitting around hoping for improvement.

have you considered this season. right now. is an essential part of the plan. His plan.

and though it may look different than you expected.

though it be painful.

though it be long.

He is with you. and He is working.

you will be a different person as a result of this season.

tested. tried. stronger.

by His grace, more deeply rooted in faith.

more in love with His word.

more desperate + grateful for His presence.

in the cries for relief, don’t lose sight of the now.

and all that He has to do in and through you.

we rejoice in our sufferings,

knowing that suffering produces endurance,

and endurance produces character,

and character produces hope,

and hope does not put us to shame,

because God’s love has been poured into our hearts

through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

_romans 5.3-5

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Meredith said...

woah, deep. i feel like life is one big wait fest sometimes. like "after i graduate, life will be fab" or "after i move" or "when summer comes" etc. i need to be way more present while maintaining a sense of long term goals pretty sure. interesting post girl! :)