Friday, February 25, 2011

awesome o'clock

pretty, awesome and pretty awesome things i have found this week:

vintage toy teacups
Vintage SILHOUETTE TEA for TWO - Set of 4 Pieces
from etsy

one of my favorite artist-friends, Eric Hurtgen. This is one of my favorite pieces of his

eric's website


this next one is actually quite horrifying. I am not kidding. it is so bad. But please at least watch from 3:30 on. that is when it gets good


Hilary Ann said...

is it awful that i want to break his fingers to keep him from snapping?

Charlotte Sandifer said...

oh my word. what an awesome video.

my favorite parts are when the father keeps walking behind with no clothes on. also the mom's snorts and backing vocals and the fact that the little boy got winded towards the end of the song. lol. terrible.