Monday, February 21, 2011

friends are friends... forever

what a lovely weekend. am i right?

such a sweet time of resting, sunshine, holding poopy-diapered babies, breaking iphones, and wearing the same thing 2 days in a row. *sigh* bliss.

obviously not all of the things on that list are happy. i am devastated about breaking the screen on my phone.  i feel like a horrible, irresponsible parent. the screen of my phone has a spider web crack all through it. thankfully, it still works. but now i carry it around like a wounded bird, afraid that even looking at it the wrong way will anger the touch screen and the whole phone will explode into a million little pieces.
but the Lord is kind. He has provided an uber cheap way for me to fix it instead of the $200 that i would have had to pay.

but, the good thing about this weekend, is that super lovely things happened that reminded me that if my screen cracking is the worse thing that happened to me all weekend... i am pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

sunday was perfection. after church i went to have an incredible lunch with Liz. sometimes i am amazed that i have been friends with the same people for as long as i have. seeing who we have all become is astonishing. never in a million years would i have predicted all of this. i love her so dearly. she will forever be my little sister, no matter how much more mature she is than me!

after that i got to spend the evening with the malaments. Anne has been one of my very best friends since i was 16. i have watched her become an amazing wife and mom. we had time to reflect on the old times. we are both quite nostalgic. my creepy memory is good for that. being with her and david is so good for me. even though so many things have changed, we still all love each other dearly. there is a sense of being home when you are with old friends, still involved in each other's lives, able to see where the Lord has brought us from.
and, she is the mother of 2 of my all time favorite little humans. and she is married to Dave, my best wanna-be brother. after he made us pancakes for dinner (best idea ever) i got to play with Kate, give her a bath and LOUDLY serenade her with songs from Les Mis to keep her from screaming in the bath tub (she loved it. kept saying "again!", though i was butchering it. she doesn't know.) and held baby sam as he slept and slept and we watched old episodes of 30 rock.

friends are such a means of grace. not just in the encouragement/prayer/rebuke way... but just being around people you love, people who love you unconditionally. who will sit and laugh about nothing. friends who know you are about to cry and don't care if you have snot running down your face. friends who let you wipe their child's booger on their sleeve when it gets on you...(anne was willing... i grabbed a tissue instead)

i have the best friends ever. from my group of bffs, to the friends who have stuck around with me for 10 + years, to new friends who have jumped in and loved this mess with no questions asked. i don't know why the Lord has blessed me this way. *quickly dissolving into a hot mess*

welp, that was not all what i planned on writing about today. i actually had more of a "hahah look how dumb i am" post. i even just had to change the title to reflect this.
ok. happy monday.

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Anne said...

Love you Kenni Leigh Rose. It WAS a very special evening:)