Friday, February 18, 2011

mental health day

i woke up about 2am with a horrible stomach ache. thought i was going to throw up. went back to sleep and woke up at 6 with a migraine, so i emailed my boss to tell her i was taking the morning off. well... now i am feeling better, so i decided to take a metal health day and just stay at home.
probably the best decision i have made in ages.
i slept in, woke up and made oatmeal and french press, opened all the windows since it is in the 70's today, watched The Today Show, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out my shelves in the hall closet, and started to clean my room but got distracted by pictures of Trinidad vacation rental houses.
then decided to write a blog post, thought about painting my nails, realized i needed to dust in my room, thought about getting up to dust, started texting janet, thought about dusting again, went to get the duster and got a glass of water instead, sat back down and started a Pandora station (to help me clean) decided to finish this blog post, replied to some work emails, started FB chatting my aunt in Russia, put some lotion on because my arms were ashy, remembered that i still needed to clean my room, thought about getting some friends to meet me at Freedom Park with their babies, realized that none of my friends with babies would be willing to come down to Freedom Park, looked at an awesome cupcake recipe, thought i heard the UPS man, got excited, realized it wasn't him, got sad... decide that yes, it is time to clean my room.
so that is what i am about to do
then i will sit on the couch, put on some records, and read and read and read and read.
but first,
this is my favorite song today.
"he would have laughed" by deer hunter

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