Wednesday, February 2, 2011

on the ones and twos

so i like music. Du-doy.
getting my record player was super exciting. Albums have a warmth to them that mp3s and Cd's lack. I am hoping we don't continue the "vintage" trend to cassettes. I hated those things.

(this is the same record player i have. But this isn't my record player. It probably belongs to some super trendy girl named Ruby or Elsie or Penny who lives in an apartment in Nashville or London or Austin and rides a vespa everywhere and has a full sleeve tattoo on her arm. sigh)
anyway, as my collection grows, i have realized a trend in what i own... lots of 70s folk music, some current stuff, lots of old school country (Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash)

the best part is... thanks to Ashley... we now have lots of 80s-90s cheesy Christian Rock. Carmen. Petra. Stryper.
my wish list is growing... lots of Dylan, and newer stuff like Fleet Foxes, Deerhunter, Iron and Wine... blah blah blah

this post isn't really about records/record players. I just used that as a front b/c the rest of the post is very immature and juvenile. I wanted to look cool for a millisecond before you all delete my blog from your blog reader list...

the real reasons are as follows
1) i posted this on my 16 year old brother's facebook and thought it was funny. Not sure if he appreciated it. I had a much worse story to tell him...but decided to go with this one.

2) Jimmy Fallon asked people to send in worse pick up lines ever. I saw this one and have not stopped laughing "My love for you is like diarrhea... i just can't hold it in"

3) i am seeing this. the part where everyone keeps thinking she is with random guys standing behind her... that has happened to me. often.

anyway... i hope we can still be friends after i have revealed my love of potty humor.
i love you all. i just can't hold it in.


Janet said...

potty humor is supposed to be funny. we are trying to figure out how to raise audrey to appreciate it and still have friends who are allowed to hang out with her.

Charlotte D. said...

i love everything about this post.

also i hadn't heard of bridesmaids! i love kristin wig.