Wednesday, February 16, 2011

showers are for the birds

not true. kinda true.
i love my showers. and i take them often. but now i try to put more space between hair washings. and trying to use more natural shampoos.
i still use shampoo. because i love it too much to go the super natural methods (but if you are into that, check out mindy's blog. she has awesome tips and how-tos)
so here are my two favoritete things right now in that department
1) dry shampoo. if you haven't tried it. this stuff is my jam. day 2 hair sometimes need some help in the grease department. day 3 hair (trust me) totally needs help. just a little spray around the hairline and on the roots and presto... good as new. it gets rid of the grease, pumps up the volume, and smells awesome. there are tons of products, but i love this one. it is really called "psssst" which is fun to say when people ask you what kind you use. "oh, i use psssst" then they awkwardly lean in. you say "um... what are you doing". "Oh, i thought you wanted to whisper it to me. like a secret." "why would i do that?" "well, you said 'psssst'... you know" then your friendship will get weird for a few days, but that is ok. you will have amazing hair. and things will be cool again once they see it in the drugstore and buy it for themselves. then they will write you a heartfelt thank you/sorry things go weird note.

2) new favorite shampoo: say yes to carrots. it smells like money. not really. i don't know why i just said that. it is almost 5pm and after a day of typing my fingers just get a mind of their own. it does not smell like money. nor carrots. it smells like pretty and fresh and summer. you will love it. and your hair feels awesome. once you start to ween yourself off of normal shampoo and conditioner, your hair feels weird. especially when still wet. you think "this stuff isn't working worth a doo-doo." oh, but it is. its just your hair doesn't feel slippery and slimy anymore. it is actually clean. trust me.

moving on.

so i am watching the lechner girls tonight as i have done every other wednesday for 5 years. we are celebrating big-girls b-days. word on the street is that abi got a unicorn pillow pet. ("the street" = abi herself. she told me). i may or may not be super jealous. (i am. i am so jealous. i asked for one for christmas. i just might take hers. i cannot promise that it won't happen)

also, Ashley and i started watching Mad Men a while back. we are on season 3. its amazing. i had kinda ignored the hype, but now i am in. it is sometimes shocking how different things were. watch this scene. the last line about the typewriter had me cracking up


Boiler Girl said...

Wish I knew about the Pssst when I was in Uganda. So needed it there!

Anonymous said...

sweet! i'd seriously been thinking of going a more 'natural' route with my hair after a friend got me thinking about it a while back. i'd always wondered about dry shampoo...