Thursday, February 17, 2011

to: me. from: me

my valentines gift to myself came in the mail yesterday. i was sooo excited! Jess actually picked out 2 things that were a little cheaper. so that was a happy surprise.
the first was a tree necklace that i adored. i like it even better in person

it's about 2 inches across... large but not obnoxious
 it is so dang pretty. i wore it today and already have gotten lots of comments on it.

the other item was a scarf i had loved on the website, but once it arrived i realized it wasn't really what i hoped. so it's going back. one cool thing about modcloth is they really encourage feedback. so i left a comment on the site, letting them know i think it is super pretty, but just not working for me. sometimes, they select people who left comments and send them a little somethin' somethin'... here's hoping!

this morning when i came into work wearing the necklace, Jessica got really excited. She told me that she had selected another (a dinosaur... super cute and fun) but last minute changed it to this one. she said:
it made me think of you, your future, and your life. i wanted it to remind you of your growth in the Lord. And it has been a long road to get where you are now, and to where he is taking you, to your hopes, desires and prayers. It's symbolic of the blossoming of whats coming and strength of your life in the Lord.

amazing. i love it even more now.

in closing, i am so excited that Arcade Fire won album of the year at the Grammys! I have loved them for years, so i am thrilled they finally got recognized (though their first preformance of the night wasn't the best song choice. They were pretty much trying to give everyone the middle finger since they were sure they weren't going to win. Oops. The 2nd song was much better)
this is currently my favorite Arcade Fire song

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