Thursday, February 10, 2011

waah waaaaaaaaaaahhhh

you know that sound in cartoons when things go badly... that trumpet sound that goes "wahh wahhhhhhh". That is the noise that i make often. Whenever something lame happens, i do that.

For example... one of my co-workers is planning a surprise for her husband on Valentines Day. She was talking about it and i said "oh, yeah... awesome... i don't have any plans for Valentines Day. Nor do i have a person to make plans for...wahhhh waaaaaahhhhh" we laughed.

Well, then the next day I was looking at one of my favorite websites,, and i saw they had a TON of cute "sweetheart gifts". the thing is, i wanted ALL OF THEM. So i thought "i will buy myself a gift this year. A little cute, fun gift for $20."
the thing is, i couldn't decide. And then i got kinda bummed that it wouldn't be a surprise. When the package came in the mail, there wouldn't be that fun anticipation.
THEN I HAD A BRILLIANT IDEA! (i had to say it in all caps to get your attention)
modcloth allows you to make a wishlist. So i did. a bunch of cute, fun, cheap, pretty things. Then, tomorrow, my friend/co-worker Jessica will log onto my wishlist. I will give her my debit card, and she will pick my gift (when i am not looking). She will pay with my card. Then... in a few days.. .SURPRISE! What could it be? Something i already know i like. and paid for (waah wahhhhhh) but still, a lovely surprise!
So here are some of the things i have selected as options

Oh What a Paisley It Was Scarf
because i need another scarf...

Take Me with Zoo Necklace
it has little zoo animals on it. cutttte

The Artist in the Office Book
it has some really fun ideas!

Kentucky Dainty Hair Clip
Hahahaha... i kid. What if i for real got this? Awesome.

So i am excited. whatever my gift will be, it will be something i like.

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