Monday, February 7, 2011


this was my favorite of all of the ads last night. i had already seen it, but it was so stinkin' cute.

and this one, but just b/c the Beebs is the one that says "kinda looks like a girl". because he does. he looks like a girl ya'll. he is prettier than i am. i just can't handle that.

true story about last night:
during the halftime show (which i was quite thankful Fergie's mic kept cutting out. my ears were bleeding), they started playing the song "where is the love". when that song first came out, Justin Timberlake (aka Mr. Kendra Sands) sang with the BEPs. So, when the song started, after seeing all the special guests that had already came out, i became convinced (with no help from Ashley) that he was going to come out and sing. This would be his redeeming moment from the event we will not speak of that ending up costing the Panther's their superbowl victory (yes... i blame him and janet for our loss)
now, i was in a room full of people. some close friends, some acquaintances. But my reaction at that moment was to scream "JUSTIN!!!" repeatedly and start to stand up on the couch. I was squatting, ready to leap up when he came on stage. Just one problem. he never came out to sing. he wasn't there. So, at this point, i am still squatting, screaming... when reality starts to set in. So i slowly slide back down to a sitting position, and try to catch my breath, and play it cool. Not possible. my heart was broken by justin timberlake. and not for the first time. (that is a story for another day)
the only reassurance i had was a text from Shaynah telling me she had done the same thing at the party she was at. but her scenario involved shaking michael while screaming. and that she then "looked like a fool".
and that is another reason why we are friends. Being made a fool for JTimberlake, once again.

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