Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby steps

for once in my life, it is paying off that i am short.
there is a new program at my job. they want to help us get discounts on insurance, and well as everyone getting healthy. so they gave us these little step-trackers (they call them "cookies" which is cruel when people are using them for the weight loss purpose) that we wear on our shoes. they are all digital, so we walk by a check point that automatically uploads the number of steps we have taken to a website.

super lame, right? and it is hard to find a place to wear them on different shoes. it is kinda bugging my foot today. and it looks like i stole these shoes and still have the security tag on them. i didn't. these shoes are almost 2 years old. i don't steal things. except hearts. ZING
wellllll... there are perks. we are able to earn paid-time-off if we meet certain goals, AND if we meet the major goal each month, we get entered into a raffle to win $2500 travel gift card. eeeek
here is the observation that was made by a taller co-worker. i am short. therefore, i take more steps that he does. crap yeah i do. and its about to pay off there sucker.

for the past 5 years (dang) i have watched the lechner girls. i started back when they were the lechner girl. i have watched them every other wednesday (except the summer) as Joe and Jeanie have led a college cg. we have fun traditions (watching "the singing show" -american idol-, dance parties, digging through my purse and wearing my lip gloss, donut nights...). i have totally taken these nights for granted due to them being so routine. well, once this semester ends, Joe and Jeanie will no longer be leading one of the cgs. they will no longer need me every other wednesday. i almost cried when i realized that this was coming to an end. i have already offered to do a once-a-month gig so they can get an extra date night. but the idea of not being regularly involved in these little fire-crackers lives is devastating. they are my nieces. they are the ones that started calling me "aunt kenni". though i would still see them on sunday, it isn't the same. especially since they are usually grumpy on sunday.
i love my girls... and i am so grateful that they are in my life!

last night's craziness

please note that they are looking at themselves and not the camera

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