Tuesday, March 8, 2011


so Toms shoes are the most comfy shoes i have ever owned. i wear them all the time. Aaaannnd, when you buy a pair, a child in need gets a pair. (the one they get is more substantial and fitting for the area they live in. not just a cute trendy pair of shoes like we get)

anyway, awesome thing to support right? right.

on April 5th Toms is sponsoring "One Day Without Shoes". it is exactly what it sounds like. you go barefoot for a day. I did it last year and let me tell you... it... is... awesome.
you walk down the street and people say "girl, why you aint gotcho shoes on?"
then you can say "oh... i am just helping children around the world. NBD."

now, if you are sitting there thinking "um... no thank you. i don't want nasty stank disease feet"... i agree with you. buuuut, that is what some of these kids have to deal with every day. and they are in much harsher conditions than we are. some of them aren't even allowed to go to school.
so watch this, and consider kicking off your shoes for the day. most company's allow it once they hear about it. send your boss the link (http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com/) and make it happen! Promote it amongst your friends, co-workers, family, mortal enemies... everyone!

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