Tuesday, March 1, 2011


hello. my name is kendra...
and i watch the bachelor.
first off... this is the first season i have ever watched. ever. i thought it was dumb and trashy and i judged everyone else who watched it. (forgive me friends)
second, i only started watching because there were 2 girls from charlotte. and because my roommate watched it.
but now i am hooked. majorly hooked. i thought only losers watched it. now more and more girls i love are 'fessing up to watching the bachelor.
and this season is AWESOME (from what they tell me, compared to others)
here is the big thing... the sweet, darling Charlotte girl is now in the finale. her name is Emily and she is precious. i adore her. she is a single mom, her fiance was Ricky Hendricks (Rick Hendricks of Hendricks Motor's son) who died in a plane crash when she was 19. a week later she found out she was pregnant.
now she is 24 and raising their almost 5 year old. she is amazing. all the girls who are sent home later say in interviews that he needs to pick emily. she has not been part of any drama there. just a sweet little southern belle.
this is emily and brad, when he took her to the vegas nascar speedway and she told him that her dead fiance was a former nascar driver... whoops

once the show ends, i will never watch this show again and will only watch news reports and documentaries for the rest of my life. this is totally filling my quota of trashy tv. it is a guilty pleasure. and i just lied about never watching it again.

if anyone else there needs to confess trashy tv (including the bachelor)... now is your chance. no judgement here. you have entered the cone of safety.


Anne said...

The cone of safety!? I wish I had a trashy tv confession just so I could be in that.

Daniel & Mindy said...

okay. my mom just confessed to me that garrett got her hooked on the bachelor this season. & when we were over monday night i watched the rest of it with her & was disgusted at how much i got sucked in.
& she IS freaking adorable & i kind of totally want to watch the finale next week just to see her sweet self again...

Shaynah Jerrell said...

Jersey Shore. What can I say - there is no justification for it & I know its terrible television

Charlotte Sandifer said...
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kendra said...

Annie- there is always room in the cone of safety
mindy- emily is adorable. never stop watching (this season)