Monday, March 14, 2011


he chose emily!

apparently, heloved her from the start! Hoorah!

tonight is the night. i've got my red vines. i've got my popcorn. i just need some wine.
it is going to be AWESOME

Chantal (booooo) on the left and Emily (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY) on the right

as i mentioned previously, Emily is the lovely sweet and delightful lady from Charlotte. She is a good girl. She let him know there would not be any hanky-panky on the show. She said "i am a mom and need to set a good example for my daughter". awesome.
we used to like Chantal in my house. especially when she was being matched against crazy Michelle. We loved her. But then, after Chantal kept mentioning that she had been married, Ashley decided to do some sleuthing. We found out that she was married, and cheated on her husband... recently. we don't want that for Brad. Because Emily is wonderful and loving. And sweet.
i want to prove it. so watch this video. i know it is long, but just watch.
and listen to the girls describe her. SHHHH just watch it. WATCH IT DANG IT.
(remember... her fiance died in a plane crash....on a private plane.) AND she had not told Brad about her daughter or Ricky dying or ANYTHING yet at this point. just watch.

right? RIGHT??? TEAM EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though sadly i am pretty sure that he ends up with Chantal. sad)

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