Monday, March 7, 2011

like clockwork

i have 3 tattoos. They are all pretty small. It isn't like I have a full sleeve. My dream is to one day get a larger one on my forearm. But I am waiting to get that one down the road...
It seems about a year after I get a tattoo, I get the itch for another. I had decided after this past one to wait for a couple of years... but then i keep seeing such pretty pictures... or friends get awesome ones. This is a common occurrence for the inked people. It's true what they say about it becoming addictive.

Before I lose you all entirely, I will show you the cutest picture ever that I took of Kate yesterday
her little pony tail is the cutest thing ever. as are those cheeks. we had fun times as she grabbed my hotdog, then grabbed the ice out of my glass, then ran away from me, then asked for bites of my food. sweet memories.

ok, just look how pretty some of these are...

i had the idea of doing paper airplanes... and then my friend Erin stole the idea this weekend. jerk.
this is my friend Erin's on the inside of her elbow. jealouuuuus

since cross stitch is my new hobby...

again, cross stitch
i adore origami. i made hundreds of these for a youth event last year. i can make them in my sleep. i thought this was super pretty

again, pretty
because they are tasty and my favorite
rock paper scissors... so cute
this says "love" in braille
pretty puzzle pieces

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