Monday, March 28, 2011

mad men mad women

this weekend was Ashley's bday. Since she and i have become huge fans of the show Mad Men, i decided to throw her a MM themed party. Everyone came dressed from the early 60's. Lots of pearls, suits, white gloves and red lipsticks. and lots of candy cigarettes and mixed drinks. It was such fun! I was able to play a lot of my old records, and everyone hung out eating food that was popular duirng that era (lots of dips, mini sandwiches, and pineapple upside cupcakes)

birthday girl! she was channeling Betty Draper

Zach and Dave. Quite dapper

my comically long cigarette holder. It was absurd, yet awesome. Also my Tom Collins, a new favorite drink

mustached Ian and gray haired Adam

Blake posing with his soda water

Dave's awesome photo bomb

me and Lorean (i put on the apron to start cleaning up. it ended up working perfectly)

Lorean during the photo shoot, with a candy cig hanging out of her mouth

guess who learned how to tie a bow tie! guess who's fake eyelashes were falling off!

Bday girl at midnight (her bday was actually Sunday. We celebrated with sparklers)

i spy a lurker

laughing mad men

mad men

mad women
it was the most fun! everyone got into it and seemed to have fun. I highly recomend it

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anna naphtali said...

what a fun party. How is the Bright City going? :)