Friday, May 13, 2011


once upon a time, my friend Bethany and i went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.
it was quite loud.
a guy that i knew (older, mildy creepy) came up to our table to say hi.
i had to yell to introduce him to Bethany
he turned to her and said "NICE TO MEET YOU BUFFY".
we both started at eachother, baffled.
who is named Buffy? really. i beg you to tell me. other than the vampire slayer, or characters written into mediocer sitcoms as the rich snob in the early 90s.

so to this day, 10 years later (!!!!) we still call her Buffy.

and today is her birthday.
Happy birthday Buffy!
thank you for keeping me current on music (she once suggested i listen to a musician that i had been listening to for 5 years. and had played for her numerous times)
thank you for braving Speed Street with me (on accident)
thanks for singing into hairbrushes
thanks for intrducing me, shay and KR to "just a splash" in our drinks
thank you for being one of the greatest examples of a gentle and quiet spirit.
i love you.

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Bethany said...

awww, thanks!!
and thank you for singing into hairbrushes with me and introducing me to Charleston :)