Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ca thus far

hi friends!
so far i have just been in LA and done a looooot. here are pics so far.
first stop fresh off the plane. in-n-out at 10pm. worth it.


calabasas farmers market. best strawberries ever.

pool at my dad's place. so nice!

we came to play mini-golf. there was a 3 hour wait, so i owned this beast instead.

my "crew" was my dad, step mom, and dad's friends from before i was born. i'm cool like that.

my gift for the father's day Dodger game. There was a player named Sands. He was sent down to the minor's the week before i arrived. awesome.

i love it here.

they won!

this one is for you Hil... Dodger Dogs. So good, it will make you want to junk punch the Giants. Which you do anyway if you are a Dodger fan.

BEST! Sleeping Beauty's castle is so much smaller than i remember. Kind of a bummer.

this has always been the best ride at Disneyland. they revamped it and it just opened. we waited in line for 2 hours. So. Awesome. It is even better, if possible.

this was always my favorite part as a kid. as yo wait in line, they have R2D2 and C3PO talking to each other, and you.

i wanted this.

and almost got this. so awesome.

my favorite. she was being so sweet to those kids. i even got caught up in the moment. i always do with the characters. You should have seen how i wigged out when minnie walked by. Holy crap

stuck in traffic on the 101. that happens. a lot.

fun day with matt and joey. here, joey is making "spicy ketchup".

the boys working hard. this is what we did today. worked.

this is what i worked on. i am awesome at it. and there are endless possibilities.

tomorrow i am off to san diego! hooray!

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Hilary Ann said...

Thanks to you, I have been craving Dodger Dogs for the past week. Not a nice thing to do to a pregnant woman . . . =)