Tuesday, June 28, 2011


when i am at the beach, i get starry-eyed looking at all of the beach cruiser bikes. I tend to point out every single one that I like to whomever i am with (right shaynah?)
so after our beach trip last september, i was determined to get one. I had a lovely mental image (like a little movie actually) of me riding around south Charlotte, in my cruiser bike (it would be white. or yellow. or mint green.) with a basket on it. i never wear a helmet in this short-mental film because it messes with my perfect biking music-video hair, and sidewalks are soft like pillows. so if i fall, i won't get hurt. in the basket up front i have flowers that i would have bought at the farmers market (though it is not in biking distance) and a bottle of wine and a baguette. since... that is always what you see in these little biking-clips from movies. this song would be playing as i ride my bike (as if it were a soundtrack. so everyone in the world would hear it as i ride by.)


and i would be wearing something like this

i have often had this mini-movie in my head.
Shaynah brought up a brilliant point, that cruiser bikes do not have gears. Thus, there is no way i could get my bike up the numerous hills between my house and hers without actually getting off said bike and walking it. at that moment of my mental-movie, as i hop off the bike to push it up the hill, the music comes to a scratching halt, my hair is no longer pretty and flowy (it ends up falling limp and tangled), and instead of lovely items in my basket, i have dish soap and tampons from the grocery store.

i have found lovely hybrid bikes. They have the charm of cruiser bikes, but the practicality of a normal street bike. WIN.
here are the ones that I adore (most from Walmart. WHAT? Yeah. I know.)
Schwinn Lakeshore 26" Women's Bike
Schwinn Clairmont 26" Ladies' Cruiser Bike
Schwinn Admiral 700cc Ladies' Bike
700C Women's Schwinn Solitaire Hybrid Bike

right? so cute. and i wouldn't have to get off my bike. So the basket would still be filled with lovely things, the music would chime on, and my hair would be magical.

oh...and I also want this
New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70's shape skateboard w/ 71mm wheels

but this song plays as i ride this... (this plays in my head when i am doing most things. it is in my life soundtrack. one of the few songs that have stuck in said soundtrack from the beginning. Good job beach boys.)

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