Thursday, June 9, 2011

list update

lets see where i am on this... i haven't checked it in a while. Hmmm.

1) try to like apple pie. I don't like it. I only like 1 version of it. I want to be a true America

-almost there. i haven't really had any desserts in a while. now there are 2 apple pies that i like. Maybe that counts?
2) own every Ryan Adams album on vinyl. (i own 4. I "only" need 7 more)
-more than halfway there
3) own half of Bob Dylan's albums on vinyl (i have 2. he has made 34. I will nix the Christmas album. That's right. he made a Christmas album.)
-not even close

4) go to the gym at least 5 times a week.
-nope. i was, then it cut down... then my roommate dropped her membership. But i am going on Monday. i promise
5) read Mornings and Evenings 5 times a week (the other days i can read one or the other)
-I am at 4 times a week.
6) make myself coffee every morning instead of going to the cafe at work YAY! I do this!!!!!

7) get a new hobby. Cross stitching! Woo!

8) watch more documentaries I even own a few now

9) get involved with a humanitarian organization (does buying Toms count? because i did that.

10) finish writing my 30 before 30 list.

11) consistently take off nail polish when it starts chipping
- whoops.
12. keep the inside of my car clean

13. read more. Lots more I got a library card! YAY! I have been reading all of the books on my list. Waiting for a few that i reserved to come in!

14. write thank you notes and send bday cards
- whoops.

15. write more handwritten notes period
-i started doing this, and then stopped.
16. cook more. a lot more.
- i will give myself half of this. i have started cooking a little bit more. not a lot more.

17. take a trip to CA and visit everyone i know and love.
-next week i can mark this one off! I can't wait!

18. go to bed BEFORE midnight on week nights
- Hooray! This week i haven't been AS good about it, mainly because i have been up late working on stuff for the youth banquet, but i have been consistently been doing awesome. Even it means i crawl into bed at 11:58

19. not buy anything new unless i am willing to give away something old I just haven't bought anything new. Hah. but i have been taking stuff to Good Will. A lot. So that is awesome.

20. pray more. a lot more. my morning drives have been awesome. So have my drives home. And my "lay awake" moments.

21. make a list of specific people/things to pray about each week. and be faithful to it I am excited about this one. it has been amazing seeing how the Lord has answered these prayers. I just need to be better about documenting it!

22. Make Saturday "phone date day" call out of town friends. Stop relying on text and facebook and blogs

23. Get excited about turning 30 instead of sad.
- this one is getting a halfsies. I am 75% excited. I still get bummed. But Shaynah is planning to throw down for me! We are going to have so much fun! Going to Vegas for my actually b-day...that is really helping get me pumped!

24. build up my savings account

25. see another favorite/legend in concert
-Happening August 2nd! Going to see Dolly!

26. visit a new city
-well... i haven't been to vegas in over 10 years... that might kinda count. I can also make sure to stop in a random city that i might have overlooked in the past in CA... i don't know. I will make this happen.

27. call parents on a weekly basis

28. see at least 4 Woody Allen movies that i haven't seen yet
-half way there!

29. buy a bike and ride it whenever possible

30. do my makeup at home, and not in the car

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Bethany said...

I can help you out with a new city to visit...I hear Sarasota is great. You will have a free place to stay that is within 15 minutes of the beach ;)
PS: you have inspired me to make a 30 before 30 list.