Thursday, June 16, 2011

home sweet home

tomorrow i fly here

and my dad has promised that we will IMMEDIATLY go here

and then over the weekend i get to go here

and here
the CA one is better... because it has Sleeping Beauty's castle... and she has always been my favorite.

then on wednesday i get to go here

and probably also here

and i will get to see many many friends. san diego friends (jmo, baby O, carly) family (dad, linda, aunt sylvia, uncle rob, ryan, jamie, shawn, andrea and all the babies), non-california friends, (matt), LA friends (joey, maybe jared and marissa)...and maybe even these ding-dongs who decided to head to LA without my permission about a year and a half ago. now i only have youtube, and local furniture commercials to keep their memory alive (as well as facebook, twitter, texting, phone calls, gchat... but that is besides the point.

and this one... thats right. my friends are in commercials.

so excited to go home. nc is home. but this is my original home. 
i don't know how much blogging i will do, but i shall see you all soon.

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