Friday, July 29, 2011

grinning like a fool

i have not stopped grinning since yesterday. but tonight, watching the local news, i began to giggle. and grin till it hurt.
this is why.
"um...what is that?" you ask.
well... that is 2 guys carrying a bed. Doi.
this is taking place in Spartanbrug SC.
that is where Panther's training camp is.
they are moving in.
its time people. Lockout done. Football is going to happen.
but it gets better. OH SO MUCH BETTER
*deep breaths*

as you know, last year i was abandoned by my all time favorite Panther.
Julius decided to move onto colder pastures.
whatever. i'm over it
(PS- I'm not over it)
so this spring, word on the street was that my 2nd best Panther in the history of the team was leaving me.
I couldn't handle it. I honestly almost cried. I'm not kidding. At all.

guess what? guess who said he isn't leaving. EVER. he is RETIRING HERE. That is right. 89 FOREVER. SMITTY STAYS!!!!
guys... you don't even KNOW. you don't. Hearing him just now in an interview talking about it... a tear may have fallen on my cheek, which was in a super grin. I won't confirm if that happened (PS- it did)
and guess what else? DeAngelo is staying. Yup. D. Williams and J. Stewart TOGETHER FOREVER (for now)
it's almost Panther season.
I am the happiest girl in Charlotte right now. 
Still grinning. eyes might still be a little misty. but i don't care. judge me. do it.
look at these faces and see if you blame me
Stew and Williams


still not feeling it? listen to this: when it was still up in the air if Williams was coming back or not, Stewart expressed his desire for his BEST FRIEND (thats right) to stay. in interviews. then, yesterday, he tweeted "DEANGELO IS STAYING!!!" adorable. BFFs
(in sadder news, my hottness/sweetness/best matt moore is going to the dolphins. lets have a moment to honor him.

shhh... matt...don't cry. i will watch dolphin games from time to time (PS- no i won't)
since we are having sad memory moments... 

never forget.
you know what guys... 
in honor of my upcoming dream-come-true concert, and my 2 boys that i miss...

i guess it technically makes more sense if they are singing it to me, since they left. So pretend Julius or Matt is Dolly, and I am Burt Reynolds... i guess? I don't know. I guess the 3 of us are all singing it to each other. Yeah. that works.

i don't care if you don't care.
this is going to be awesome
(oh...and Cam Newton was there too. Whatevs. Prove it to me Cam. Prove it)

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