Friday, July 15, 2011


i didn't until last fall. I read the whole series in a little more than a week.  i fell in love.
i had a "meh" attitude previously... not judging or mocking people who loved HP, but not getting it.
Everyone said "read the books"
please. i don't have that kind of time.
but i did. and they were amazing. each one is better than the one before. my favorites are Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows.
tonight i see HP7.2.
this is the finale of the final. splitting the last book into 2 movies was brilliant.
i am excited. but it is sad. you grow to love Harry, you have seen him grow since he was a boy, to this man who nobly is trying to save the world from evil. you still want to protect him, to encourage him. And now this is it. no more.
anyway, those of you who have read it, get it. those who haven't are rolling your eyes at me. I don't care.

here is what i am most looking forward to/dreading (if you are seeing the movie w/o reading the book, i won't include spoilers. but pretty much this will be a secret code for those who already know what is going to happen)

looking forward to:
baby announcements from my favorite former professor
flash forwards
Neville's triumphant moment! (Umm...PS... were you aware of how handsome and grown up he became? for those of you who haven't seen any of the movies... here is a before/after.

oh...hey there neville *blush*


i am going to cry my eyes out. not because i am obsessed with the stories and the characters, but because the story has so many people sacrificing their for ones they love, for the mission, to defeat evil. Kids are fighting, and they are brave and noble. It is lovely. So very lovely.
so, tonight is the night! Hooray!

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