Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liz Lemon Theory

i should probably finish posting pics from CA... but my computer's power cord is busted. Until i can charge up the ol' mac... that isn't happening. but they will be here. eventually. probably.

onto this post...
do you know who Liz Lemon is? if you said yes, give yourself 10 points. If you said no... then let me tell you tale of her.
Liz Lemon is the main character on NBC's 30 Rock. She is played by the awesome Tina Fey. Lemon is the head writer for a late night comedy sketch show (pretty much the entire show is based on Tina's time at SNL. But funnier and awkward-er).
this is typical Liz... her way of getting out of jury duty:

Liz is in her 30's and is hilarious/gross. She has dated everyone from Dennis, the pager sales guy who calls her "stupid" to a very stupid hot guy played by Jon Hamm that lost both of his hands.
Here is the thing...
as i get older (honestly at this point, i notice my theory daily) i am at great risk of becoming Liz Lemon. Not just the "haha, she is awesome"... but the other tendencies....


(i think it is pretty clear what a snart is... but if you need to know, ill be happy to tell you)

so... yea.
I often have food in my hair. And i like poop jokes. And spill food on myself. But i have not dated Jon Hamm or Jason Sedakis... but other than that... it is scary.
So, consider yourselves all warned. You might be friends with Liz Lemon in a few years.

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