Friday, July 1, 2011

somebody in here it's ya burfday

burfday? burfday? burfday? burfday?
so, that song... its absurd. but it's shaynah's favorite b-day song.

Oh, and today is Shaynah's 29th 25th birthday.
yeah. thats right.
so, go over to her blog, tell her happy birthday. if you have twitter, send her a tweet (@shayrayunc). i don't care if you don't know her. DO IT.


boston commons

heh. after UNC won the championship. before shaynah dropped her phone and was squatting in the street looking for a missing button.

making new friends in Boston. After touring the Sam Adams brewery and wandering through a random neighborhood trying to find the subway.

happy birthday to my best friend. that term is sounding more and more highschool every day. but there is no other way to describe you. you aren't just my BFF. Of all of my friends, you are the best one. Of all friends to anyone, anywhere... you are still the best one there is. I love you Shaynah. I am so grateful for you. I don't know where i would be if you had not come home to Charlotte. I would probably be a hot mess. The Lord was kind to bring you back. The Lord was kind to bring Kelly Clarkson to Charlotte. This makes it 5 years of bestfriendship for us. I wouldn't change any of it!