Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 outta 3

the other day on twitter i said that 2 out of 3 of my childhood dreams had come true on Wednesday.
1) own magenta lipstick when i grow up
2) see Dolly Parton in concert
3) marry Jordan Knight

you don't know who Jordan is?
well... let me tell you.
Jordan was the dreamiest member of New Kids on the Block.
i loved him, his brother Jonathan, Donnie (mainly because his brother was Mark Wahlberg...whom i still love) and kinda liked Joey. he seemed too young (though he was still older than me). I wasn't into Danny. at all.
clock wise from the top: Jonathan, Joey, Jordan, Donnie, Danny

Keep in mind... my love for NKOTB began when i was about 7. I was hardcore into them till i was about 10. (that is a lie. i still know every song.)
one day I cried because i realized i would never meet or marry Jordan Knight. I attempted to call information to get his phone number. I tried to sound grown up (i was probably about 8 years old). The lady handled it very well
Operator: 411 information, what city?
me: Boston Mass (i thought if i just said "Mass" i would sound more grown up than saying "massachusetts"
Operator: what is the listing?
me: um... what?
Operator: the name.
me: oh. Knight, Jordan. (grown-ups ALWAYS said the last name first)
Operator: ok... um... that number is unlisted
me: oh, it's ok. i know him.
Operator: (trying not to laugh) Yes ma'am. i understand. Unfortunately, I don't have that number.
me: oh. ok. thanks.

smooooooth sands. smooth.
anyway... they just recently started a comeback. I watched one of the music videos again today (I saw it when it first came out like 2 years ago) and my heart started racing the same way it used to. I wanted to cry when I saw Jordan. HOW can he STILL not understand how much I loved (false: still love) him???? Can't he feel it??? CAN'T HE?

here they are now.

l-r: Joey, Jonathan, Donnie, Jordan Danny
 but what gets me... still... is that sweet, super shy Jonathan (seriously... like... panic attack, stand in the very back of the stage, unable to to interviews) picks up the girl's lip gloss. (sadly, he is gay. but i still imagine 1980's Jonathan.)
the point is...I. HATE. HER.
all of them come up to her, smiling, flirting, what not. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!?!?!?. She can have Danny. But the rest? MINE. STEP OFF SKANK!
here is the video.
also, here is an old video, when my heart was so in love. When I looked like a cartoon with hearts shooting out of my eyeballs.

point of reference: Jordan (aka Mr. Kendra Sands) is the first person in the Step by Step video, in the odd ballet pose. Honestly, my heart just leapt out of my chest.
Forget this. I am finding him on twitter or something and finally professing my love. he has the right to know.

*sigh*. I'm back. I actually posted this and everything about 10 minutes ago, and then found this music video too.
so I secided to share the wonderfulness with you all.
this is the other new-ish NKOTB video.
also, here is what Jordan look like now.

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Bad Joan said...

Oh yeah Jordan was a hottie! They just don't make boy bands like that anymore!